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Published: 03.25.2021

Lake Martin Realty Realtors® share valuable real estate tips

By Steve Arnberg

Someone rightly observed once that, “Real estate sales is the hardest job that looks easy.” I have found that to be very true. To a casual observer, unlocking doors, putting up “For Sale” signs, and filling out contracts looks like pretty easy work, but there is more to real estate than those seemingly mundane tasks—MUCH MORE!

In fact, the failure rate for real estate agents is fairly high, because there is a lot of very hard work that is done behind the scenes before those “mundane tasks” can occur. Real estate agents are part entrepreneur, part marketing specialist, part appraiser, part building inspector, part salesperson, part legal expert (as it relates to property that is), part counselor, and full-time available to the public. That is a lot of hats to wear.

Most importantly, they are responsible for guiding people in the sale or acquisition of very expensive assets—for some people, the largest asset they are likely to own. This takes a great deal of knowledge, skill, experience, and confidence in order to protect the interests of their clientele.

We think our Realtors® at Lake Martin Realty, LLC are a cut above. They are also willing to share with you some of their day-to day-business techniques by way of a video series that we will be rolling out in the weeks ahead.



Every member of our team is trained to handle your real estate needs on Lake Martin, and we have asked them to take a particular topic to cover for you. Over the next month, we will be focusing on the process for determining a fair asking price, preparing a property for sale, and the process for “introducing the property” to the overall market.

I hope you enjoy this series. Each segment is unscripted, so the agent can present valuable information in their own words.

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