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It’s Lake Time
Conditions are perfect for diving in!

Published: 05.24.2022

The temperature is going up with temperatures forecast for the upper 80s this weekend.  The water level is up with Lake Martin just a few inches from full pool. The water clarity is that beautiful translucent blueish-green that makes Lake Martin special. A few of us have dipped our toes in the water, and the water feels fine!

Everything is just right. So, with all due respect, and as the old saying goes, “Go jump in the lake!”

Everyone at the lake has been working hard to get everything ready for this summer. Marinas are staffed, restaurants have updated menus, the golf courses are in top shape, and everyone is ready to see their lake friends return for the summer lake season.

New additions

For those who have not been to Lake Martin for a while, you will note some subtle and some not-so-subtle changes. For instance, Russell Crossroads has examples of both. A subtle change at Catherine’s Market is the new coffee shop. This coffee shop, BRU 63, offers a great place to hang out and get a great cup of coffee, a pastry, an energy drink, and much more. A not-so-subtle change is the new restaurant under construction, Fanny Goldmine Dinner. This much-anticipated addition is well under way and will provide a new dining venue for lake lovers. Completion date is slated for later this year.

Just north of Russell Crossroads, you will see the construction entry signs for The Heritage master-planned community. The Heritage will be the location for the much-anticipated, Coore & Crenshaw-designed Wicker Point Golf Club which is on schedule to begin play in 2023.

New lake homes

The shoreline of the lake has lots of newly built lake homes virtually everywhere. For those who love to look at the latest in design trends by boat, you have lots of newly completed lake homes to admire. You will also be amazed at how many are under way. Clearly, lots of people have discovered Lake Martin, and they have taken the plunge!

For those looking for a new lake place, this new batch of lake homes are mostly custom homes. Builders are unable to build many speculative “for sale” homes. Demand remains very strong for lake property, which is no surprise for those who love the lake.

If you need help finding a place, like in The Heritage, we invite you to call one of our Realtors®. They will be happy to let you know the “latest and greatest” properties on the lake.

We are all very excited about what is happening on Lake Martin. Our advice to you is to take advantage of every possible moment. We have never met anyone who regrets spending a day at the lake.

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