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Naturalist Marianne to do a Little “Horsing Around”

Published: 04.26.2022

In honor of the Kentucky Derby, Naturalist Marianne will start out focused on equines. Then, later in the month, it’s artifacts from Russell Forest and a trek through it.

Horsing Around

Saturday, May 7 – 9am-1pm
Naturalist Cabin at Russell Crossroads

It’s Derby Day! Gallop to the Naturalist’s Cabin to brush, groom and learn about equines on this day of historic horse races. A very gentle live horse will be available for kids to pet, examine and discover. Children will learn about safety around horses and also discover the features that make a horse’s body so amazing. Brushes, supplies and stepstools will be on hand. Visitors are welcome to bring their own apples, carrots or sugary treats for the horse. Check your pantry for stale cereals or breads—they are a perennial pony favorite! Although all interactions will be closely guided by Marianne, please assist in supervising your child in this activity. Call Naturalist Marianne Hudson at 256.496.2710 with any questions. No charge!

Wildlife Presentations

Friday, May 27 – 5:30-8:30pm
Saturday, May 28 – 9am-1pm
Sunday, May 29 – 9am-1pm
Naturalist Cabin at Russell Crossroads

Stop by the Naturalist’s Cabin during any of the times above and discover a display of wildlife artifacts (including live animals). Touch, discover, and learn from the Russell Forest items and get tips on how to get more enjoyment from your time spent outdoors. We will discuss ways you can attract wildlife to your yard, and what to do if you’re trying to discourage them from visiting your property.

Guided Nature Tour

Saturday, May 28 – 7am
Meet at Willow Point Cutoff Trailhead

Let’s get up and go! We will explore habitats influenced by damp soils and creeks during this slow-paced walk through the woods. As we move from one area to the next, the variety of flora and fauna specific to each region’s moisture content will be examined, discussed, and enjoyed! We never know what we will find but count on always finding a renewed spirit and a good time. This energetic hike will offer both learning and exercise. Appropriate for participants ages 5 – 105.

ADVANCE REGISTRATION REQUIRED! There is a $10 fee for this program.

Please contact Naturalist Marianne at 256.496.2710 to inquire and to register in advance.

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