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Top Performers on Lake Martin

Published: 02.25.2021

Lake Martin Realty’s outstanding standards lead to outstanding results

By Steve Arnberg

The real estate business on Lake Martin is a very big business. How big? Here are a few fast facts derived from sales reported to the Lake Martin Area Association of Realtors® MLS for 2020. Total sales volume for waterfront property (residential and building lots) was $399,493,714 (a 75% increase over the previous year). The total number of transactions reported was 484 residential and 143 building lots for a combined tally of 627 transactions (a 50% increase over the previous year).

That is a lot of business for a lake in rural Alabama. So much business that it attracts a lot of real estate companies and agents wanting to get a piece of the action. Current office and agent population for members of the Lake Martin Area Association of Realtors® MLS is 83 offices (22 specialize in appraisals) and 292 sales agents. A quick look at the numbers indicates that there is not enough business to go around. Given the unit sales and agent tally, the average number of transactions is just 2.15 transactions per agent per year.

There is an old saying in sales that 80% of the deals are done by 20% of the salespeople. I have found that to be a bit of an overstatement. Russell Lands Inc. has two real estate sales organizations—Lake Martin Realty LLC and Russell Lands on Lake Martin. The combined agent population is 30 or roughly 10% of the total local MLS sales force. So in reality, 10% of the total agent population sold 49.2% of the waterfront volume sold on Lake Martin in 2020!

To put this in simple perspective, our 30 agents nearly outsold 262 other agents on Lake Martin waterfront property. This is not a rare occurrence either. This trend has held true since 2008 when Russell Lands Inc. launched the Lake Martin Realty brand. Year after year, our sales team has been outperforming its peers.

What sets them apart from the competition?

Results like those described above do not come about by accident. Our agents are carefully selected, trained, supported, and above all focused. Our team is comprised of full-time agents who focus on real estate on Lake Martin and the tri-county Lake Martin region.

They know the lake, they know lake values, they know lake regulations, they know lake people, and they know the real estate business. Most importantly, they know how to take care of our number-one resource—our customers.

If you look at our roster of agents, you will find a Who’s Who collection of real estate sales professionals. We have the top agents in the business affiliated with our company, and we are proud of what they have and will continue to accomplish. Every agent on our team is valued and capable of producing results.

Whether buying or selling, we encourage you to reach out to a member of our team and allow them to show you professional results. In the coming weeks and months, our sales agents will be sharing tips on selling and buying in this great market. We hope that you will enjoy hearing from these experts as they share with you tips from the pros.

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