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Published: 06.25.2021

Release of new Ridge homesites announced

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is, “When is the next phase of The Ridge going to be released?” The best way to answer that question is to give a brief history and status report.

Almost 20 years ago, Russell Lands released the first waterfront homesites in The Ridge. At that time, it was a very ambitious development with 203 properties and The Ridge Marina to be developed by 2003.  Since then, we have added other amenities such as The Ridge Club, the Entry Park, and the Beach Park. Many consider the nearby establishment of Russell Crossroads to be a valuable amenity as well.

We have been blessed with a growing neighborhood at The Ridge—even during the financial crisis. To date, we have developed, released, and sold over 500 waterfront homesites in The Ridge as well as 24 waterfront townhomes in The Ledges. The Ridge is, without a doubt, the largest development on the lake, and property values are well above the lake average.

Recent sales prompt release

When noting the recent flurry of transactions and increases in average sales price over the last year, you can tell there are a lot of people who want to own Ridge property. In fact, there were so many transactions last year that we have nearly exhausted the supply of lake homes and homesites. We have sold virtually all of the homesites planned for the mainland portion of The Ridge except our last section that we call Phase 6. Phase 6 is located in the South Ridge Harbor portion of the neighborhood and includes 15 very attractive homesites.

If you were to look at a map of the neighborhood, (view Ridge map) this phase would be south of the bridge to The Ridge Island and on the east side of the peninsula. Views to the east and south from these lots are impressive, and given the land’s contours, we are able to offer the lots in a wide range of price points.

Pre-release inspection possible

Roadwork is nearing completion, utilities are being installed, property corners are being staked, and lot clearing is underway. Once that work is complete—likely after July 4—we plan to release to our best customers price lists and sales maps for these lots prior to any public advertising.

You can now visit Phase 6 to get an early look at these premier properties. Since work is still ongoing, we recommend, for your safety, that you allow one of our agents to show you the property.

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